September Meeting

The club voted in 3 new members at the September meeting.

Had 7 shooters at Redneck Road Hunt held on August 23rd. H.L. Wickam won, Mark Cline
finished second, & Chris Hampton 3rd. Another Redneck Road Hunt will be held September 27th.

A lot of the material left over from the old range is not usable. Members voted to sell/scrap material that is surplus to the club's needs.

With the new range location, we do not need the riding mower. Membership will be allowed to place closed bids on the mower by MAILING offers to the club's address: PO Box 1001, Covington, VA 24426.  Bids will be taken until the November meeting.

Range Work Days

Last work day for the summer will be Saturday September 7th.  Work time will be 8:00AM until 10:00AM.  Work may extend past 10AM if members wish to do more.  We are very close to bringing things together and need a final push to get things done.  Please attend when you are able.

AGC Teams up with 4H

The 4H has expressed interest in starting a shooting team, but lacked an adequate location to
train/practice.  Prior to the July meeting, the AGC officers met with representatives of our local 4H group at the range property.  After discussions, the 4H group is enthusiastic about starting their youth shooting program hopefully this fall.  At the July meeting, the membership agreed to work with the 4H to get the youth shooting program off the ground.  More information will follow.